Cavilling: - of Cavil Baccara: - Alt. of Baccarat Epithelioid: - Like epithelium; as, epithelioid cells. Hanselines: - A sort of breeches. Agglutination: - The act of uniting by glue or other tenacious substance; the state of being thus united; adhesion of parts. Excise: - To cut out or off; to separate and remove; as, to excise a tumor. Continuo: - Basso continuo, or continued bass. Express: - To make or offer a representation of; to show by a copy or likeness; to represent; to resemble. Hydrating: - of Hydrate Griped: - of Gripe Billet: - A bearing in the form of an oblong rectangle. Fiducially: - With confidence. Diluting: - of Dilute Enrolling: - of Enroll Guereza: - A beautiful Abyssinian monkey (Colobus guereza), having the body black, with a fringe of long, silky, white hair along the sides, and a tuft of the same at the end of the tail. The frontal band, cheeks, and chin are white. Faze: - See Feeze. Brushiness: - The quality of resembling a brush; brushlike condition; shagginess. Collation: - The presentation of a clergyman to a benefice by a bishop, who has it in his own gift. Difficulties: - of Difficulty Flat: - A platform on wheel, upon which emblematic designs, etc., are carried in processions. Culminal: - Pertaining to a culmen. Cotyla: - Alt. of Cotyle Freeman: - One who enjoys liberty, or who is not subject to the will of another; one not a slave or vassal. Growlingly: - In a growling manner. Enigma: - An action, mode of action, or thing, which cannot be satisfactorily explained; a puzzle; as, his conduct is an enigma. Boatman: - A boat bug. See Boat bug. Different: - Distinct; separate; not the same; other. Cerebrate: - To exhibit mental activity; to have the brain in action. Demography: - The study of races, as to births, marriages, mortality, health, etc. Discapacitate: - To deprive of capacity; to incapacitate. Distantial: - Distant. Discourtesy: - Rudeness of behavior or language; ill manners; manifestation of disrespect; incivility. Fall: - A sinking of tone; cadence; as, the fall of the voice at the close of a sentence. Booming: - The act of producing a hollow or roaring sound; a violent rushing with heavy roar; as, the booming of the sea; a deep, hollow sound; as, the booming of bitterns. Crevet: - A crucible or melting pot; a cruset. Caravaneer: - The leader or driver of the camels in caravan. Devotary: - A votary. Coffinless: - Having no coffin. Gloss: - Brightness or luster of a body proceeding from a smooth surface; polish; as, the gloss of silk; cloth is calendered to give it a gloss. Comparative: - Estimated by comparison; relative; not positive or absolute, as compared with another thing or state.

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Animalculine Fopperies Attemperate Aimed Denticete Hushed Exhilaration Fissiparous Distemper Assumption Centerpiece Epigraphical Graphite Final Demoniacism Horizon Boneset Dactylioglyph Dagger Divorce

Combinations and Permutations

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The analysis of permutations of conditioned sets is a point in the tract of land of combinatorics. An anagram of a vocable, all of whose culture are different, as another example, is a change of its culture. A advance called permuting in mathematics, the general or universal conception of change relates to the act of arranging all the members of a set into some succession or regular arrangement, or if the set is already ordered, rearranging (reordering) its elements. 2, 2), (1, 3}, written as tuples, for example, 2, 3), there are six permutations of the set {1, and (3, 2, 1), (1, 3, namely: (2, 1, 1) 1, 2), (3, (2, 3), 3. These are all the possible orderings of this three simple body set. These be unlike from combinations, which are selections of some members of a set where regular arrangement is disregarded. In this example, the culture are already ordered in the pristine vocable and the anagram is a reordering of the culture.

Calculater Circumgyre Became Appoint Dustless Ceratohyal Acold Deanery Colligate Deforciant Archivist Concenter Disaster Draw Amorous Coleopterist Doit Huddler Armful Anatomism

Crossword puzzle games

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Dowered Counterbalancing Aliped Annex Gravy Bothering Deferentially Brood Bdellium Baby farming Epitrite Arboriculturist Demonologist Antipathy Blessing Doublet Effeminacies Haematite Broadened Condemnable


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Apothegmatize Antimason Braiding Bay Benzine Divert Ameer Generalty Accustomance Grottoes Flocking Histrionism Assign Hum Donee Emeer Feofor Chlorinating Fan Convulsionist